Dry ice blasting

BlueStream company cooperates with IceTech Poland providing dry ice blasting service in production equipment cleaning. This method is revolutionary in comparison with traditional cleaning methods. The advantage of using this method is a need to stop production process for a very short time without any disassembly of machines and equipment. After that kind of cleaning there are not any harmful substances damaging to the environment and production quality increases. 

Advantages of dry ice:

  • Immediate and visible cleaning effect 
  • Elimination of water from cleaning process 
  • Dry ice evaporates immediately without leaving waste 
  • No need to use chemicals 
  • Equipment is cleaned without necessity to disassembly 
  • There is no scratches and physical damage after cleaning process 

Application area Industrial and food plants, plastic factories, oil and chemical industry, foundries, printing-houses, drying companies, textile industry and other places, where it is necessary to remove oil, lubricants, glue, paint, inks, asphalt, wax, rubber and other dirt in a environment-friendly way, without using water.