BlueStream is a team with many years of professional experience.
Solving the customer's problem is our priority.

Thanks to the knowledge of new technologies and specifics of many industries, we are able to meet the requirements of our clients. We advise you on how to extend the life of materials and equipment by using industrial laser cleaning or dry ice blasting. 

Industrial Laser Cleaning

We offer non-contact cleaning with a very strong laser beam which guarantees no damage to the cleaned surface. It is a completely ecological, safe and non-invasive method. There is no need to use chemical detergents or consumables, so we gain a huge saving of time, costs and receive high cleaning efficiency.


Dry ice blasting

BlueStream company cooperates with IceTech Poland provides dry ice blasting service in production equipment cleaning. This method is revolutionary in comparison with traditional cleaning methods.


hood cleaning

Exhaust and ventilation ducts in kitchen areas are considered as systems which cause high danger of fire. The main reason of that kind of accidents is usually sticking of contaminants to interior installation surfaces ,which are very hard to remove.