Metal Surfaces

Laser cleaning and laser rust removal is an effective and the fastest process of cleaning metal parts. When the laser beam falls on the metal at an intensity below its ablation threshold, the energy of the laser beam is dissipated as a heat, but has no permanent effect on the metal. Rust, paint, varnish and other contaminants have an ablation threshold below most metals, which is why laser technology copes well with this type of contamination.

What can we clean? Any metal surface, auto parts, metal forms, various chemical impurities, greases, oils, oxides.

Paint and varnishes removal

The use of laser technology to remove paint from mass-produced objects is an excellent alternative to masking. Instead of masking any area that should not be painted, our laser technology can eliminate the time-consuming masking process and remove paint from precisely defined areas after covering the entire element.

We remove paints from all types of metal or wood, the laser is also great at graffiti removal and preserves before re-painting. 

Renovation of stone 
and metal elements

The ability of lasers to remove dirt from the surface without damaging it makes this technology an excellent solution for many conservation projects. The power levels of our laser cleaning systems enable the cost-effective use of laser technology to maintain large facilities, such as buildings or large sculptures.

Renovation of monuments, facade cleaning, cleaning of status, stone cleaning.

Welds preparations

The cleanliness of the surface of the components is important for a permanent welded joint. Laser preparation works on metal or plastic surfaces. This creates an ideal surface for joining. 

Laser can: remove oil and grease, create better connections, remove oxide or corrosion layers, remove stains and discoloration after welding.

Benefits of laser cleaning

Kost effektiv av arbeidskraft og kjemikalier.

  • Reduced labor costs: only one operator 
  • Avoids damage to the surface 
  • There is no need for water use 
  • There is no need for chemicals use 
  • 90% reduction of the cost of removing toxic waste: solvent, abrasive blasting 
  • Reduction of the risk of injury at work and exposure to harmful substances 
  • No preparation cost 
  • Easy planning 
  • Non-contact cleaning without damaging the work piece 
  • Precise positioning, selective cleaning 
  • Safe and environmentally friendly 
  • Without the use of chemical detergents or other consumables 
  • High performance, time saving